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Awesome Aria Art

Want your art here? Draw Aria or her friends! Or just something I like XD


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___Uke Pride Stamp by LilyFlareLesbian Pride Stamp by LilyFlareStamp: LGBT+ safe space by boblitt___
Stamp: Gamzee by ShendijiroStamp: Gamzee by Michiru-MewGamzee FaYgO stamp by ParamourxLightsGamzee by AlClair:thumb214303888:Mambostuck Gamzee by UsagiGamiGamzee FaYgO stamp 2 by ParamourxLightsStamp contest: Do want by ZombiedevilXDHS: Gamzee Makara stamp by JanbearpigterminallyCapricious Fan Stamp by RyujiDiceyCapricorn stamp by ParamourxLightsGamzee Stamp (for PinkieLoveCupcakes) by darkSees
Stamp: Karkat by ShendijiroKarkat Fan .:Stamp:. by ChaoticShanJust A Gamzee Stamp Made Out Of Boredom by HTFlover777Karkat Stamp AWAYFROMEEEE by ToxicKhroegerkarkat stamp 2 by rynaldFlower Crown Karkat by UsagiGamiStamp: Karkat by Michiru-MewStamp: Sollux by Michiru-MewKarkat Vantas Stamp by GlassTheAbsol
ShadowxSilver Stamp by PFV0-StampShadilver Stamp by GirlinLuvAnimeshadilver stamp by ShadilverShiny Mew by MarlenesstampsShiny mew stamp by HikariOkami:: Mew Fan Stamp :: by Sweetie-ChanMew Stamp by IttichyZircon Fan Stamp by X-Eternal-Sunrise-XDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics RPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueen True friends stamp by SuyyOC stamp by Suyysexuality stamp by LynxBot True Artist Stamp by chibibarrageOwn Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothMan computer stamp by Kataang-furubaInternet Dies Stamp by In-The-Zone Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86I love drawing by muslma Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146 Night Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys Music Stamp by The-Hamlets Cat Lover Stamps - Sparkyard by stamps-club DA Stamps: I can.. by eleoyasha love music stamp - Fire-Feline by stamps-club DO NOT FAVE - Ramen Stamp by stamps-club DO NOT FAV - Weirdness Stamp by stamps-club DO NOT FAVE- Hello I'm Insane by stamps-club Sanity Is For the Weak stamp by meljoy68 White Heart by SquallxZell-Leonhart Stamp0000066 by o0Cynical0o Sonic Stamp by Miha85 Sonic portal stamps by xRubiMalonex Sonic is Sega's Mascot DX by SonicMaster23 SonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fans I support shadamy by nikki2873 Silver Stamp by Faezza Laila Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97 MLP Derpy Hooves Stamp by Kevfin MLP: Derpy Stamp by BabysMother MLP: DJ-Pon Stamp by BabysMother MLP: Rainbow Dash Stamp by BabysMother Stamp: MLP Cupcakes Fan V.1 by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69 I Support Rainbow Factory Stamp by LunarMarex I Can Draw Ponies - Stamp by Sonic-chaos Brony Music Stamp (Vinyl Scratch) by McNikk creepy pinkie is creepy. by x-nauts Background Music by Skylark-93 Gimme more sleep by prosaix Lemons stamp by The-Short-Person I love kawaii by prosaix MY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn Wishful Thinking by whispwill Character Stamp by Arpie nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa Art at 3 AM by blackdahlia I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa stare in my fridge stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---x Google stamp by teblad I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Too many things -stamp- by Shantella Love too many things by Shantella Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Pokemon Stamp by In-The-Machine Motivation Stamp by In-The-Machine I love Snow by mceric DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther Support :3 by lerato Difference Stamp by DemonFlare2343 Sonic.exe fan stamp by 6t76t Mew Stamp by Kevfin Sonic.EXE Stamp by Natakiro Respect for Spiders Stamp. by VampsStock |STAMP| Sonic.exe Is Not Scary by The-Glass-Flamenco Eevee lover by Tikalie-Wolf Wolf Lover Stamp by SnowWhitesAngel Animal Lover Stamp by Spilled-Sunlight Know what you are Wolf Stamp by VexiWolf I stamp by AzureHowlShilach Tails Doll Stamp by PFV0-Stamp PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler Support Stephano Stamp. by ChocoGumi [PEWDIEPIE FAN STAMP] by RabidWuff PewDiePie Fan Stamp by reasan Yaoi stamp by sequelle I Support OC Yaoi stamp by Ratha-Ninetales Yaoi stamp. by XXXYaoiLoveXXX Yuri Fangirls by TheOriginalTah Yuri Fangirl by kikimu-chan I support Yuri stamp... by LostSorrows
Mew by L3xil3in I Cry A Lot Stamp by ChiiLuna Don't Ignore +stamp+ by shadowjess
Stamp0000192 by o0Cynical0o Stamp0000051 by o0Cynical0o Voices...2 by Shadow252525
Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-NinoShining Mew Stamp by MasterGalladeMew Fan Stamp by Milestailsprower2991

Newest Deviations

Aika the Wolf by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Aika the Wolf :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 1 0 Ep. 1 - Pg. 17 by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Ep. 1 - Pg. 17 :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 1 0 That Feel... by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X That Feel... :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 4 4 [Prize] Tox by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [Prize] Tox :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 3 0 [Prize] Pupper by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [Prize] Pupper :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 4 2 [Prize] Emmy Headshot by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [Prize] Emmy Headshot :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 3 3 [Prize] Blaze at the Beach by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [Prize] Blaze at the Beach :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 2 2 Oh Wow Another Face Reveal by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Oh Wow Another Face Reveal :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 3 47 Ep. 1 -  Pg. 16 by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Ep. 1 - Pg. 16 :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 3 15
Fatal Beginnings Chapter 8

After the concert was over, the onlookers had left, and the moon had risen to show it's pale face, Aris and Asai sat within a field of grass. Untouched by the people who were once watching the concert, the grass was soft and fresh, the scent of dew still clinging to it's earthy skin. Aris exhaled slowly, smiling wide.
"It's a gorgeous night," she said," And your sister was an amazing singer!" Aris complimented. Asai, reluctant to pullout a cigarette, looked to Aris and nodded.
"She sure is." Asai said. Sitting up, she took out her lighter, trying to alight the wrapped tobacco in front of her mouth. Aris sat up beside her, took a deep breath, and slapped the cigarette from her hand. Asai looked to her angrily.
"What was that for?" She asked. Aris looked to her in worry, Asai's ears flopping. 
"Asai...I nearly died tonight. Something like that rarely happens to me. I want to live my full life, even in this vampiristic state. And I want to keep you
:iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 2 0
[Gift] Sunset Photo by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [Gift] Sunset Photo :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 7 10 [WIP] Of Dragons and Robots by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [WIP] Of Dragons and Robots :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 3 7 Zahara the Hedge-Dog by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Zahara the Hedge-Dog :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 7 46 [Gift] Fiery Battle by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [Gift] Fiery Battle :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 2 2 Frozen Light by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Frozen Light :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 5 60 [Happy Birthday, Marlin!] Petey by X-Eternal-Sunrise-X [Happy Birthday, Marlin!] Petey :iconx-eternal-sunrise-x:X-Eternal-Sunrise-X 1 0
Mah newest arts X3

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I'm doing the Body meme. Who should I do it with? 

2 deviants said Arika (human me)
No deviants said Akira (furry me)


Brush Outline Picture w/ Shading
In these pictures, I use a SAI brush instead of the easy-to-color legacy pen. Combined with coloring and shading, most pictures in this style take up to 1-3 hours to create depending on the complexity of the character. 

The base price is 60 :points:, but I will add 10 points for every additional character.

Ex. 2 characters = 70 :points:

I WILL draw;

-Sonic Art
-Furry Art
-MLP Art
-Pokemon Art
-Human Art
-Homestuck Art
-Fan Character Art
-Original Character Art
-UnderTale Art
-Gore Art
-Pictures with swearing
-Pictures with Alcohol, Weed, or Cigarettes

I will NOT draw;

-Fetish Art
-Sexual/NSFW Art
-Art with illicit drugs (meth, cocaine, etc.)
-Extremely graphic gore (ask for details)
Fursona / Furry OC Reference Sheet
Need a referance for a furry OC or a fursona?

I offer 1 sided, 2 sided, and 3 sided references.

1 Side: 20 :points:

2 Sides: 30 :points:

3 Sides: 50 :points:

I WILL do;



-Any Spieces

-Complex Designs

-Different expressions, poses, and movements (1-2 sided only)


I will NOT do;

-OCs with visible genitalia


Convention Badge Art
Going to a convention? Need a badge so people know who you are?

Are you a furry?

This is the commission for you!

I will be doing con badge art until Anthrocon rolls around, so get them while you can!

These are a little more pricey because they take me 3 hours to do, even more so if you add shading (but I will not increase the price for shading).

Enjoy my fellow furs~!
SAI Shaded Works
With my skills seeming to rise picture by picture, why not open a commission for it?

SAI Shaded pics are pictures with backgrounds, shading, and experimental art techniques (which I'll do my best to enhance the commission)

This one is pricier because it takes 2-3 hours to complete a single picture, which is longer than an average picture (30 mins or 1 hr)


Aika the Wolf
Decided to redesign my Sonicsona for Sonic Forces X'D If I have the option for markings, I'll do my best to match this, but if there's no marking option, she'll be a black wolf X'D
Ep. 1 - Pg. 17
Sorry for the wait! I want to finish it this month X'D 25 pages it seems.
I'm doing the Body meme. Who should I do it with?
2 deviants said Arika (human me)
No deviants said Akira (furry me)


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Pokemon of the Angels

X/Y Mew Cursor by mid0456 mightyena

Absol by CreepyJellyfish hooh

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